The heart of a small boy

PsychoBookCoverThose in-the-know can see already where this one is going … (hint right, and it’s not nice).

Malcolm has need of a desk.

  • It needs to sit across an old, and sealed, chimney breast, between two of his new bookcases.
  • Which suggests it should be spot-on 140cm wide.
  • There should be a raised shelf for a monitor.
  • It also needs to accommodate a printer and a scanner — since the Epson and the HP ScanJet still function adequately, Malcolm has never felt any need to have an all-in-one. [Actually, getting the ScanJet to work through MacOs isn’t the easiest of operations — but VueScan does the trick.]
  • Somehow a couple of hard drives (one for back-up, the other for iTunes) have to be shelved.
  • The iPad and iPod(s), perhaps even a Kindle will need to be attached.
  • So, too, the Sony DVD burner.
  • Oh, and let’s not forget the JBL speakers.
  • Which means a spaghetti of cables.
  • Since the whole purpose of a desk is to provide workspace, we must assume books, papers and reference materials, notes, scribbles, backs-of-envelopes and general detritus will accumulate on the main work area. So, a space is required for a wastebasket.

All the commercial stuff, from eBay, Amazon, IKEA, wherever, looks out of place. On the other hand, an antique or vintage job would need holes drilled for cables — and that’s a no-no for a prissy, picky preservationist like Malcolm.

So the search continues.

A build-it-yourself job from Shelfstore?

Perhaps not: that is too Scandinavian and utilitarian.

And, at the back of Malcolm’s mind, is the gothic horror from Robert Bloch (the author of Psycho), but revived and so often attributed to Stephen King:

People think that I must be a very strange person. This is not correct. I have the heart of a small boy. It is in a glass jar on my desk.


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