Yes, Iain, you have a point

Back end of last week, before “National Fungus Day” (no relation), Iain Dale made a salient point on his self-promoting blog, repeating from ditto on ConHome:

I have to say I find the growing tendency of MPs to report people (and each other) to the Metropolitan Police deeply disturbing. They rarely do it because they think there’s a case to answer. They do it because their party HQs tell them to, the whips tell them to, or because they think it’ll get the a page lead in the Daily Mail or The Sun. And invariably they are right.

That, it seems, was composed before Ms Natalie Rowe revealed (ahem!) that she, in her knickers and top, had been confronted  by a Metropolitan raiding party, complete with battering ram and giant crochet hook. So, who — clearly someone (unlike us “little people”) with big enough boots to kick the Met  into instant action — laid mistaken “information” against Ms Natalie Rowe? May we assume maliciously?

Conspiracy theorists (unlike Ms Rowe) would have a simple answer for that one. Many invoke the putative 18th baronet of Ballentaylor and Ballylemon, or at least those “friends” who serially appear in off-the-record political briefings. The kind of stooge to whom Iain Dale refers.

Yet conspiracy theorists are not, necessarily, always wrong. After all, pre-Crash, didn’t many of us suspect bankers were crooks?


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