I’m sari I was sarong

Yes: the old follow-up to “Is that a sari you’re wearing? Or a sarong?”

First there was Isabel Hardman’s view of Theresa May’s defence, dealing with Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed’s breach of his TPIM. Unsurprisingly, considering her readership’s complexion, she found May did quite well.

For some reason fathomable only to the more-frothing commenters at The Speccie, the topic instantly diverted:

— Even today we had Teresa may defending the wearing of the Burkha! Cameron attending a celebration of Hindu! and looking forward to 80million Turks joining the corrupt organisation costing us currently £60billion per year and Tory MEP’s voting in Brussels to increase the budget to cover an overspend by the EU last year!

— As for the prime ministers wife wearing a sari then you need to go into analyis if that upsets you. Teresa May wore one at an indian woman of the year event. Cheri Blair has worn one (alongside Liz Hurley) Dutchess of York et al. I prefer to see Sam Cameron in a sari than David Bekham in his tattoos.

Sic. And sick.

So shall we remind such of the youthful Dave Cameron, himself? —


But it was a true Blues Brothers tee-shirt.



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