The enemy of the good is the “best”

That headline is, I believe, inverted from  American football. Since I’ve never understood that game, I tend to settle for the “good”, especially when it’s near and available.

Well, I know one thing, derived from the columnist George Frederick Will: “Football combines the two worst things about America: it is violence punctuated by committee meetings.”

And now (another Ta-Dah!) I learn:

A family-run takeaway on the Yorkshire coast has been named the UK’s best independent fish and chip shop.

Quayside in Whitby won the flagship award at the National Fish and Chip Awards 2014 in London, as well as the award for marketing innovation.

Earlier this evening, in the absence of our yet to be installed kitchen, the Lady in My Life and I were forced — forced! I tell you! — to seek yet another pub meal. It involved a (passable) cod and (very decent) chips, washed down with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and draught pale ale. Say no more.

So, what is O.K., or “good”, or “excellent” or “the best”?

Surely that depends on circumstance. A breezy day along the front, or a clamber up-and-down from Whitby Abbey, and I’ll grant you, for the occasion, “excellence” at  the Quayside. Have the world, his wife and their tired, screaming brats filling every table around me (particularly numerous after this bit of puffery), and I’ll revise my estimate.

It’s all subjective. It’s all a bit of valid marketing.

Myself? In that part of North Yorkshire, on a decent day, I’d be heading a bit up the coast and hiking down High Street from the car-park to the Cod and Lobster, on the Harbour Front, at Staithes. But, that’s just a personal choice of  a “good” moment.



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