Heavy surf at Dawlish. England cut off.

Yeah, the old Times reliable headline (22 October 1957) reworked.


That is the main rail route to and from the South-West.

Once again we have evidence of how false economies bedevil any sensible transport planning:


As of now any rolling stock west of Dawlish is there for the duration.

Ireland had the same problem in 2009 when the Broadmeadow viaduct collapsed.

Spot the similarity of a railroad dead-end to eggs in one basket.

Once upon a nostalgic time, we did things so much better:




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2 responses to “Heavy surf at Dawlish. England cut off.

  1. Richard Thomas

    If the Western Region aided by Beeching had not been so keen on destroying the LSWR in Devon (let alone west of Salisbury), there would have been a diversionary route from Exeter to Plymouth to this day.

    • Malcolm Redfellow

      The current rustle (e.g. Phil Marsh of Railway Magazine) is reckoning a restoration of Tavistock to Okehampton would suit. About £250 million (apparently derived from the Waverley Line costings) — not even a gnat’s bite of HS2.

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