Odd things, mental associations

In the previous issue of the New Statesman, Robert Webb had a piece inviting us to consider how “normal” Ed Miliband might seem.

For some strange reason, the headline question was:

… can you imagine him eating a pear?

This was all accompanied by a stock photograph:


If the pear seemed something of an illogical leap, my mind has kept coming back to that domestic image. The carousel framed on the bedroom wall is Brighton beach, quite similar to Shutterstock 113447074 (by Neil Lang).

But that’s not my mental jump. Somehow that domestic scene seems an inversion of Hockney’s:

Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy 1970-1 by David Hockney born 1937

Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy.

Which is another blow for John Rentoul, who was vamping on SuperBowl footballers’ names, and concluding:

… the one I liked the most was Percy Harvin, who ran a kick-off back for a touchdown. It is not often that we British come across a Percy outside the pages of JK Rowling.


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