Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Met warning

Suddenly, in the last few minutes, that great elm tree opposite has been making noises. Here in “old” York (which must be where the Venn-diagram of yellow and orange overlap), it’s getting more than breezy.

All afternoon I have been watching (H/T to @BorisWatch) and the sequence of aborted landings. The most spectacular must include this:


I recall landing at Tees-side (I think in a Handley-Page Herald) in a severe crosswind. I became aware that, sitting in a starboard window seat, I could see all down the runway as we came in crab-wise.

Not nice.

Meanwhile, Virgin Trains have excelled:


The reason is not far to find:

17:18: Network Rail says Crewe station has been evacuated due to damage to the station roof.
17:22: Network Rail confirms Crewe station is now closed after roof damage and power lines came down in high winds.

As Dear Old Dad was won’t to mutter:

Heaven help all poor souls at sea.


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