Dominic Sandbag in zelo-street

It’s almost a personal thing. Sandbag was the Pert Young Piece’s (that’s daughter #3 for those just joining the show) tutor.

He flounced off from Academia when he got a better offer from the London Press. Leaving several students, signed up for higher degrees, in the lurch.

MastersIn an alternative version, the History faculty at Sheffield had had enough of his revisionist, populist, rightist opinionating, and stuck lighted matches under his fingernails until he got the message. Now there’s a story C.P.Snow could have re-patriated to Cambridge and done something with.

A touch of the Letts

LettsBack in 2008 Quentin Letts produced a squib with his Fifty People Who Buggered Up Britain. All light and frothy, not exactly a Jonathan Swift, or even a Michael Foot, but Letts is fun while it lasts. Like a Chinese meal, half-an-hour later, you’ll want another one.

Presumably Letts doesn’t have a patent on the brand.

So here comes Sandbag with his rip-off:

Breathtaking incompetence: It’s not just the floods debacle. The people who run Britain have never been so out of touch – or inept

In case we miss the point, that headline continues “writes Dominic Sandbrook by Dominic Sandbrook” (with added heavy Upper Case). Hey, it’s almost a cult of personality!

Since it’s Daily Mail stuff, it totters on a narrow edge between self-parody and shrill shrieks. With no stone unturned lest a clichĂ© lurk undiscovered.

I was going to fisk it. Then I found it had already been done so very well, yesterday, by Tim Fenton at zelo-street.



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