Another low blow

There’s the Bristol Channel earthquake. Felt in Exeter. Doubtless gave the Somerset Levels a small jolt.

There’s this, on the BBC website strap-line:

The UK has had wettest winter on record – 486.8mm of rain – beating previous 1995 record, Met Office says

Err … how bad was the flooding in 1995?

But what really, really got to me this afternoon was on politicshome:


The Archbishop of Canterbury has lent his support …

That is a seriously stale metaphor, and even a mixed one, but also one I never quite understood.

What kind of “support” is intended?

Here’s some, of the ecclesiastical kind, I see every time I wander past Bootham Bar:


Having builders in the house since the start of the year, I am aware of Acrows:


Do hierarchs of the Church of England run a sideline in them?

And, what with stoles, chasubles, surplices, copes, cinctures and mitres, one doesn’t like to enquire too precisely what goes under the cassock. Could it be one of these? And would you truly want to have a borrowed one? Even one “lent” by the fragrant Dr Welby?



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