New bust for London

UntitledYesterday it was LT124 … and there’s something (as left) you don’t see too often. Fortunately. But seems to be happening too often. Unfortunately.

It’s also £354,000 (apparently the contract price, each, over the intended 600) of badly-bent vanity vehicle, foisted in the London tax-payers.

So far, that’s the fourth “event” involving one of these badly-ventilated, daft — even dangerous — staircased, three doored (though one closed on a semi-permanent basis) lard buses. A sad record for the over-hyped:

…monarch of the road,
Observer of the highway code,
That big six-wheeler,
Scarlet painted,
BoJo transport,
Hybrid engined,
Seriously overweight omnibus.

[We can knock out such rubbish, At The Drop of a Hat. We sincerely apologise for mistakes afterwards. BoJo never does.]

It looks as if LT124 was attempting to make the turn into the bus garage, and #Failed.

There are precedents

By all accounts, this is the fourth smash by one of these behemoths, and the second in a week. Acording to @BorisWatch:

four of Boris’s expensive buses are now broken: LT35, LT62, LT96 and LT124, all drove into something hard and unyielding.

And that amounts to :

2.8% of the fleet, if applied city-wide would be 200+ buses always off the road due to accidents. Doubt that happens.

It also appears that two of those “incidents” occurred five and six months ago, but the vehicles remain unrepaired and unusable.

Something is wrong, certainly politically, certainly administratively, possibly mechanically, and it’s time someone came clean.

If not the organ-grinder-in-chief, then the mini-Me sub-grinder (who also seems to have been at it), or — as a last resort — some designated flak-catcher (Leon Daniels, “responsible for the safe and efficient delivery of London’s bus services“) could be earning his £328,448+ exes crust.


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