What could possibly go wrong?

The tone of the Tory press and commentariat, post-Osborne bean-counting, is little less than triumphalist. Four more quarters of uninterrupted economic “progress” guaranteed. The silver vote nailed. The Kippers smoked. Labour in the stew. All set fair for a walk-over in May 2015.


And then there’s only a few small matters outstanding:

Hey, there’s a good excuse for some distraction-therapy:

But there’s still those lovely Opinion Polls!

However, even there Anthony Wells is a trifle dubious:

As ever when you get a couple of polls indicating a shift straight after an event it’s tempting to conclude the event has had a big impact. Be a bit cautious – the YouGov and Populus polls conducted Wednesday night and Thursday morning didn’t show a narrowing, it’s these two polls conducted from Thursday to Friday that show narrower leads. They aren’t necessarily contradictory (many people in those initial polls wouldn’t have seen the details of the budget or the media reaction yet), but it means the evidence isn’t all one way. Wait a bit to see if this pattern continues into the week.

Everything in the garden is lovely! [E & OE]


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