Sing when you’re …

The event of my evening was going to be the major bus blaze at Scarborough:

Fifteen people were evacuated from a double decker bus after it caught fire in Scarborough.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service were called to Filey Road on Saturday morning and discovered flames in the rear of the vehicle.

The fire caused five square metres of damage and is thought to have started when the engine developed an electrical fault.

The driver of the bus led 15 passengers to safety after raising the alarm.

That one was so vital it took me two days to notice it.

But it was pooped on by:

Bid to draft police into battle against dog poo in Great Yarmouth

Police officers could be drafted in to help in the battle against dog fouling in Great Yarmouth. Parking wardens have already been given the power to issue on the spot fines to irresponsible owners, but town hall leaders are now hoping to expand their crackdown team by bringing PCSOs on board.

I’m not sure quite what tickled my fancy there.

It could be the metaphor of a “battle” against dog crap: bit one-sided, I feel.

Or it could be the pictogram that ornaments Yarmouth lamp-posts:

Yarmouth crap

He looks as if he could do with blooming support.

But most of all it was the succession of ambiguous box-pops, which deserve to be taken out of context:

Council leader Trevor Wainwright …  said: “We have a zero-tolerence policy and we can issue on the spot fines.

“We’re looking to talk to the police so PCSOs can carry out this function, they do it elsewhere in the country.

Or, even better still:

… residents at the Question Time-style meeting thought more could be done and suggested that the council put up “large, strongly worded sings” to discourage problem owners, and include warnings over dog fouling on its council tax bills.

Altogether now, a strongly-worded sing!



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2 responses to “Sing when you’re …

  1. Roy

    Bring back the dog licence and people that really care and want a dog would be willing to pay the licence fee and these caring people would want to look-after their dogs better and train them to obedience. People that are not has caring and responsible dog owners may not get another dog if put-off by a licence fee, this resulting in less dog-breading. For every child born there is usually more than one puppy born indeed a litter of them.
    Dog poo not being picked-up is getting to be a big health problem and people are having accidents when stepping in it.

  2. Roy

    Extra: Bring back the dog licence:
    If the police have to investigate an owner of a dog for its fouling, constant barking or biting someone and the owner can’t show their dog licence, then they may be “in the dog house”, so to-speak; because they are to blame for what their dog does.
    There could be a Nation Dog Licence data base for the police and local councils.

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