Nazi crap

It started with this:



Mr Hughes hasn’t learned his manners since he:

was Mayor of Royston, Chairman of North Herts District Council and twice a Parliamentary Candidate

In one of those candidacies (the only one I can immediately find), in 2005 for Wentworth constituency, he came second with 17.33% of the poll, just 42% behind Labour.

He is, moreover

a key economic adviser who … will advise newly appointed Ukip economic spokesman Steven Woolfe.

Furthermore, he is a:

like-to-think-he’s-seen-it-all ‘Digital Strategist’ who uses highly targeted eMarketing techniques on Facebook (which let’s face it is still in its infancy in this regard) to target young people.

His LinkedIn profile is interesting. Consider:


Elsewhere you may find that the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner is, and will be until 2016, David Lloyd, elected as a Conservative.

UKIP put up a candidate, Marion Mason, who finished bottom of the poll.

On past experience of Kippers, we shall doubtless hear more of this wunderkind. And that past experience should lead us to expect nothing good.

More Herts crap

Down the road a bit, and in the same local rag, we find this:


It was them fascist plods, wot dun it. Obvious.


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