I’ve Got a Ferridge Sticking up My Nose

Dylan Thomas and Julie Andrews both thought we should Begin at the Very Beginning. Except this particular whimsical notion has several epiphanies.

booksThe earliest is the story (no, I wasn’t there to assert it personally) that what did for “Hail Oswald” Mosley and his Black Shorts Shirts was the moment The Great Leader would raise his arm in a fascist salute and a schoolmasterly voice from the back of the hall would call: “Yes, Oswald, you may leave the room!”

The Fortunes of Nigel

[As I keep saying, Walter Scott is long-winded, but could spin a decent tale. That is not worth developing here as a full-blown aside. We’ll have one of those in a moment.]

Since abuse is not seeming to damage Teflon Nigel, let’s try similar mockery. Mrs Angry, she of the magnificent Broken Barnet site, reckons:

… it would be interesting to look at Farage’s own background.

He likes to spin the story behind his own unusual surname as being of Huguenot origin: sort of foreign, yes, a bit French but you know, way back, and Protestant. None of that foreign Papist nonsense. 

In fact a quick look on Ancestry.co.uk reveals that the Farage name, to be pronounced, we are told, Far-AGE, is more likely to be rather more boring Ferridge, from the home counties, generations back. 

Mrs Angry then shows that Mr Ferridge not only has a German secretary/helpmeet/back-of the fridge-cleaning wife, he had a German refugee great-grandmother, Bina Schrod.

Then, yesterday, we had John Rentoul’s General Election countdown (which provoked my earlier post).  Mr Rentoul is very anxious we understand:


Then compounds his apology by reusing the same image in a later tweet.

Mr Ferridge has a very polecatty snarl, there.

Which brought me to another recollection, and one at which I was present, by the marvel of radio: John Cleese and Graham Chapman’s The Ferret Song.

A Malcolmian aside

There is something of a small family spat going on here, as to which show this originated in. The dissent  is the source of the Ur-version. Was it:

  • I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again (BBC Home Service, 1964 and continuing), which is the one I’m sticking with, and why I say its “off the wireless”.
  • At Last the 1948 Show (ITV, 1967)

or even:

  • Monty Python

My final concession would be all three, but in that order.

Anyway, back to sanity, and:

Got it? If you have, you’ll never forget it.and one piece of decent classical music is ruined for ever.

So, all together, the massed Ferridge Chorale’s premiere performance, guaranteed to disrupt any UKIP event:

[Solo] I’ve got a Ferridge sticking up my nose …
[Chorus] He’s got a Ferridge sticking up his nose!
[Solo] How he got there I can’t tell,
But now he’s there he grates like hell …

[Vamp till irate Kipper thugs intervene.]



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