Sounds daft to me

_74612098_scanialorriesplatooningNote the copyright on that image. It’s softening-up promotion.

Apparently “platooning” — a “road train” (we used to call that a “convoy”, but that’s too militaristic, whereas “platooning” is a nice neologism) of heavy lorries controlled by wifi — is the:

‘Greener’ freight key to more sustainable global trade

 Never was a BBC website headline so heavy with PR-inspired froth.

Do I trust my fixed home wifi? Is it reliable 7/24/365.25? Am I happy with serial behemoths (each one with 730+ horsepower aboard) thundering down the road, depending on a mobile arrangement of the same, open to umpteen forms of interference and mayhem? What could possible go wrong?

[Actually, were I a small-time terrorist, I’d be building an interferometer.]

Put it as simply as possible: would any UK Transport ministers sign off such a disaster-bound-to-happen?

[Oddly enough, I say:

So, we have motorways choked with these parades of diesel-spouting monsters, either choked up in a tail-back, or barrelling on at a steady 70 mph (or more), all at some unfeasibly-small separation front-to-back, to avoid “aerodynamic drag resistance” and save “15% fuel”.

Or …

… here’s an alternative, four times more fuel efficient than anything that can be done with a truck —

Use the railways for long distance.


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