A more dangerous place

No doubt about it: the last few hours have hotted up international relations.

If flight MH17 was (as reports suggest) blasted by a ground-to-air missile and by the pro-Russian separatists at that, where did that nasty bit of military hardware originate? Hmmm? The lights will burn late in the Kremlin tonight.

Now, on the express instruction of  Netanyahu, the Israeli “Defence” Force is launching its expected ground attack on Gaza. This can only end in more tears, on both sides. Prediction: after a few days, or even hours, the Israelis realise one their soldiers is missing. To bring him (or possibly her) back, a deal will be struck. After all, the body count as of now, and for just this round of an ongoing tragedy, is in the region of 230 to one. Not all lives and deaths are equal.

Either, or both of those horrors reminded me that, between 1739 and 1748 we went to war with Spain over the little matter of a merchant ship captain’s severed ear.  As of this week, Parliament is off for the summer hols, and — short of a recall — our foreign policy is in the unencumbered hands of David Cameron and Philip Hammond. How reassuring is that?

All this, by the way, illuminates Dominic Cummings’ aide-memoire, 17 points of a 2010 “war-game” of how the Coalition government would succeed or fail:


Liam Fox did, in fact “blow”. At PMQs yesterday several commentators noticed him in cahoots with “sacked” Owen Paterson. Soon there will be calls for Cameron and Hammond to “get a grip”. Heaven help us, the poor bloody infantry, and the fly boys in their Lincolnshire sheds.

Only one thing left: a bit of spiritual uplift. Or, if the bottle is empty, something like this:



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