No more “mulling”

The sagacious and sane John Rentoul, mainly resident at the Independent, keeps me amused and thoughtful. First there was his #QTWTAIN. Then the #TopTen. But, for any word-user, his style-guide, the #bannedlist,  is a constant flagellation.

Now here’s a verb that really makes me fume:

PM mulls military action

There as a politicshome headline, but I seem to recall it being a standard option for sub-editors this last week.

The Oxford English Dictionary lists eleven uses of mull as a noun, and six as a verb.

In this context, let me list the verbs:

  1. to become wet or liquid;
  2. to warm wine or beer with the addition of sugar, spices, fruit, etc, to produce a hot drink;
  3. to massage;
  4. to allow a problem to be resolved by inaction;
  5. to give a granular surface to a lithographic plate;
  6. to moisten leather.

In the context of David Cameron, choose your implication.


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