Aw, diddums!

The jejune-but-promising inheritor of Ben Brogan’s mantle is Stephen Bush. Here is a clip of today’s Morningbriefing:


@JeremyCliffe: Today Lab has issued four statements bashing evil Tories. Couldn’t they have packed it in, if only for one measly, nation-changing week?

Cliffe, by the by, is an apparatchik at The Economist. The Economist is commonly believed to be capable of more than single-track thought-processes.

Err, no. 

Absent Scotland (about six million of ’em), and there’s still fifty-eight million of us for whom life, political life, and the horrors of Toryism go on.

Make Philip Hammond and Eric Pickles  shut up and sit down, make the Passport Office behave and not profiteer at the expense of ordinary citizens’ distress (all of whom also feature in today’s Morningbriefing), and there would be less to complain about. Right, Stephen?


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