MRDA endures

Mandy Rice-Davies Applies

[This is a much-abbreviated rehash from a long-decayed earlier post.]

MandyAs an acronym. this is ever-useful, implies that someone (especially a politician) is lying to protect their own interests. The expression should be kept in good working order, both to remind us that politicians only lie when their lips move, and to memorialise a good working girl.

Famously (and much regurgitated in the obituaries of the last few days) during the trial of Stephen Ward (who was falsely charged with living off the immoral earnings of Christine Keeler and Rice-Davies), the prosecuting counsel pointed out that Lord Astor denied any involvement with her. Rice-Davies replied, “Well, he would, wouldn’t he?”

Mandy Rice-Davis should remains a legend in her own bed-time for two things:

  • The technicians in at least one television news-studio expected a full drinks-round from any newscaster guilty of the predictable spoonerism: “Randy Mice-Davies”.
  • This bon-mot over the involvement with Lord Astor.

That would be John Jacob Astor, 3rd Viscount Astor of Hever. The present and 4th Viscount Astor is his son, William Waldorf Astor.

No, no! stick with it! It suddenly becomes interesting!

One thing to be guaranteed among Tories (apart from involvement with unsuitable young females — Miss Rice-Davis was all of just eighteen when she became an “acquaintance” of 55-year-old Astor) is serial monogamy.

So the present Lord Astor is not only a Tory in the House of Lords, he is Samantha Cameron’s stepfather.


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