Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose (revisited)

I picked up Jennie Lee’s memoir.

That shows my age. Who now remembers her? Let us, for now, remember just one incident.

Aged just 24 (at an age when women were then not sufficiently mature to vote) , in February 1924, she — a young teacher — stood for the Independent Labour Party in the North Lanark by-election. She, and the local miners, overturned a Unionist majority (MP: Colonel Sir Alexander Sprotof 2,028 into a majority of 6,578.  Her opponent in the by-election was Lord Scone, Mungo David Malcolm Murray, later the 7th Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield.

Then I came to this:


Not much — apart from the obsession with male facial-ornaments — has changed.

I posted that on Twitter.

And nobody responded.


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