Be sure your signs [sic] will find you out.

Over the years I’ve recycled past-knowledge from years teaching.

One such is a piece on Louis MacNeice. That went out in November 2009. This last week some fifty-odd visits to that were noted by WordPress stats.

Someone, somewhere has set an essay. and students somewhere are ripping me off. Just hope they know how to vary expression to hide the source. Be a bit embarrassing if fifty essays are repeating verbatim my misconceptions.

There was a neat letter in The Times, earlier this week:

Sir, The story was often told of the American student who handed in an essay bought as being “B” grade only to have it returned by his tutor with the comment: “I am delighted to give this essay the ‘A’ I thought it deserved when I wrote it 20 years ago.”

Ian Templeton


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