The Northern Drift 1

Once upon a time the Right Honourable Nicholas William Peter Clegg was a personage of importance,  the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Lord President of the Council, no less.

Now he is a diminished figure, and struggles to be a personage of self-importance. Here we have an example:

The North-South divide is now more prominent than ever and where children grow up is more likely to determine their level of success at school, a study suggests. 

The latest education performance figures show the gap is widening between those areas that are doing well and those that are doing badly. 

A new cross-party commission into why there is inequality in education and what can be done about is being launched, headed by the former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg

The study found that 70 per cent of 16-year-olds in London gained five good GCSEs compared to 63 per cent in Yorkshire and Humber, with such inequalities persisting – and in some cases worsening – over the past three decades.

Do notice, in passing, how that glides over small matters such as class and economic opportunity (and hence motivation). All these marvellous political sleights-of-hand, such as academies and “free schools” have not delivered the goods.

The “Watford Gap fallacy”

Proportionately the average Tory MP (and Home-Counties-born-and-bred Clegg has proved a Tory in all but appellation) tends to be southern-born, southern-educated and southern-in-speech-and mindset. Many are dropped in as candidates for northern constituencies rather like the Colonial Service despatching District Commissioners to distant protectorates. What was Gids Osborne’s connection with bourgeois Cheshire before the Millennium?


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