The Northern Drift 4 (der Zeitgeist)

Smelly shower drain, so a visit to Barnitts, York’s all-purpose hardware shop. Let me tell you, since Bond & White shut up shop, where the Muswell Hill M&S now trades, I’ve not come across the like; and what Bond & White was, Barnitts can do in 57 varieties.

The return to Redfellow Cott involves passing Leeds Brewery‘s new venture, the Eagle and Child, in Petergate. And there’s the faintest hint of sleet in the wind gusting through Bootham Bar, so sauve qui peut.:


One of the Gold (4%) topped up with a couple of the Best (4.3%). By which time it’s just raining and I’m off home.

During which period I’ve read The Times and TheGuardian [sic].


I admit I missed the whole Bowie thing. When he was soaring, I was still stuck in the post-’60s Blues and folk era. What was worse, the kids I taught and the daughters I spawned were into him. Result: small sneers and a spinal shiver. It was only when I needed to decode Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt I recognised, “Hey! this isn’t too bad!”

So, that meant much of the nostalgia which fills these acres of newsprint is a bit beyond me.

Read on …

However, by page 3 of The Times I was wondering, in Mrs Merton mental mode:

So, Jerry Hall, what was it first attracted you to 84-year-old, billionaire Rupert Murdoch?

Then, having laboured long on those previous three posts, I met with this in The Guardian‘s G2:


Yep. That’s the sum of it.


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  1. terence patrick hewett

    Clarence Hardware Store, Shirley, Southampton: a really old-fashioned hardware store.

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