Just a thought:




June 25, 2016 · 11:26 am

3 responses to “Just a thought:

  1. As did quite a lot of us. Not enough alas.
    And those thst voted out are not going to get what they they thought they were voting for – you really can foolsome of the people all the time

  2. will

    I would like to see Heseltine swing the mace again (following on his charge that those who got us into this mess must get us out of it, the terrible trio of Farage, Gove and Johnson), it might at least cheer us up from all this misery and having to listen to people with undefinable middle class accents talking about how shocked they are by the reaction they are getting at the hands of those who are so shocked by the decision the government may or may not have to honour depending on which way the market decides to move next. Thank you for your very interesting column on many subjects, I found it by happy accident. I’ve learnt a lot! I grew up in Hornsey (and Wood Green), and it’s fascinating to see how the latest referendum to referendum (and so an ad infinitum) has been most voted for by that constituency and that now we find out its petitioner from a ex-polytechnic (renamed after which Simon de Montfort I am not quite sure) has publicly disowned it – and yet it still grows day by day. Couldn’t make any of it up really.

  3. terence patrick hewett

    Come on Malc: you have mourned enough. Give us a analysis of George Macdonald Fraser’s superb historical research.

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