Where’s the rest?

Plywood shelves, particularly when I overload them, need to be inverted every year or so.

So all sorts of trivia, tucked into books, turn up.

Thought for the moment: when did I teach Lawrence’s The Rainbow?

A little touch of Sherlock in the night

  • School lined quarto lined. Quick guess: GLC Supplies. Quarto (7 in by 9 in) was an imperial paper size, so pre-ISO.
  • Obviously that dates from the days before word-processing — not just because it’s handwritten, but it’s from before the RSI set in and I still had a fair fist. My wordprocessing (an Amstrad 8512, then a borrowed Macintosh — I never got the BBC Micro to hack it) started in the early 1980s, so we’re already into digital archaeology.

Is there a small ring-binder with the rest of these teaching notes?

References are probably to the Penguin edition.

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