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Taking pride in one’s children?

Here is Malcolm: a dyed-in-the-wool socialist, egalitarian, unredeemed subverter of the capitalist system.

Here is an email from his eldest daughter: she is now “Vice-President” in a $35 billion corporation.

On these occasions, Malcolm has a mantra:

What would Uncle Ernest [Father of the Chapel at a South Yorkshire pit] have said?

Answer comes there none.

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Ever wondered …

… why, from Lerwick to the Lizard, from Llanwnda to Lowestoft, all those LibDem polling graphs came out the same?

Wonder no more! As a special service Malcolm Redfellow’s Home Service brings you all of the LibDim crap that will fall through your letter box between now and the next election:

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Would you like some cream with that, vicar?

Dearie me! Speaker Boehner is still having problems keeping his little dogies in the corral. The present issue is paying the disaster relief. Mark Warner was wielding the knife of brutal satire:

“The Senate is saying . . . why should we, in effect, rebuild schools in Iraq on the credit card but expect that rebuilding schools in Joplin, Missouri, at this moment in time have to be paid for in a way that has never been in any of the previous disaster assistance that we’ve put out before?” Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” He blamed the dispute on tea-party-affiliated Republicans in the House who demanded the spending cut.

Whatever Obama’s difficulties, in the polls or on the stump, he has ever-ready allies in the frothing Tea Party types.

As we watch Texas Governor Rick Perry’s rocket ascent in the Republican beauty ratings decine into scorched stick status, we can celebrate another triumph of Tea Party bone-headedness:

Texas Governor Rick Perry has jumped ahead of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to claim clear frontrunner status in the Republican presidential race. Perry’s ascendancy in the polls has more to do with his swagger and style than with any specific policy positions. Indeed Perry’s more expansive views on immigration run counter to the restrictive attitudes of the tea party.

What this tells us is that voters who identify with the tea party may not agree with Perry on every subject, but they like his approach. He is a big personality, much more colorful than the buttoned-down Romney, and in states with closed primaries, where only registered Republicans can vote, it’s hard to see Romney getting much traction with Perry in the race. Romney comes across like a competent manager when the tea party, reveling in historical ignorance, is only looking for someone to shake things up.

Of course, if one is looking for big

No wonder as they scratch around for a credible candidate for 2012 the GOP elders are looking with interest at — of all people — Chris Christie of Noo Joisey. Here, more from Palash R. Ghosh:

In the unlikely event that Christie becomes a Republican candidate for president and actually gains the nomination, I feel that he has no chance of winning the election – and it has absolutely nothing to do with politics or his legislative expertise.

While I admire the governor very much — to put it bluntly (as Christie himself would), the governor is fat, some would say grossly obese – and there has never been an overweight president in my lifetime (and none since William Howard Taft, a 300+-pound behemoth in the early 1900s).

That picture of Christie (above), by the way, has more than once come with the caption:

Chris Christie blasts Obama’s “one-size-fits-all” health care plan.

That would be XXXL.

It was somewhat cruel, then, to find this on Christie’s official web-page:

Trenton, NJ – First Lady Mary Pat Christie announced today that on Monday, September 26, Drumthwacket will be illuminated in red and blue to celebrate Family Day – A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children™. Mrs. Christie, honorary chair of Family Day in New Jersey, is encouraging families to take part in the national effort that serves as a reminder to parents of the importance of having dinner with their children as a way to prevent substance abuse. 

Only in the great US of A could sharing a meal with one’s children be brand-named and trade-marked. Or that it somehow be linked to “substance-abuse”.

Take another gander at Governor Chris — self-evidently a serious calorie abuser. Then, perhaps, remember Queen Salote of Tonga in the 1953 Coronation parade:

It rains heavily in Tonga, in the warm South Pacific. Thus it did not seem unusual to Tonga’s Queen Salote that it should be raining in London on coronation day. Instead of withdrawing into the shelter of her coach like most notables in the long procession from Westminster Abbey, Queen Salote sat in the drenching downpour, a massive (6 ft. 3 in., 280 Ibs.), broad-faced woman in red robes and a headdress from which two feathers stuck stiffly upright; she beamed, waved, mopped rain from her face with a handkerchief, beamed again. The soaked, footsore crowd who had waited interminable hours to see the procession instantly warmed to Queen Salote.

She — by all accounts, a well-educated and intelligent lady, and so probably unique, therefore, at that particular bun-fight — shared an open-top coach in the pouring rain with a diminutive and obscure Malaysian sultan. Allegedly the off-microphone exchange went:

Who’s that with Queen Salote?

Oh, that’s her lunch.

Similarly, one wonders if “lunch with Chris” might not — too easily — become lunch for Chris.

Still party time!

Malcolm’s attentive reader has been speculating how he’ll get back to that album cover at the head of this post.


An association crossed Malcolm’s butterfly mind. Back in October 1933 Benny Goodman’s Orchestra —Charlie Teagarden on trumpet, and big brother Jack, a.k.a. “Big T”, tromboning and vocalising —recorded Texas Tea Party:

Now, Mamma, Mamma, Mamma —
Where did you hide my tea?

Track 13, disc one, of that compilation above.

If anyone still hasn’t made the … err … connection, then refer to Kerouac, On The Road, section four:

… he cried in Spanish. “Dig that, Sal, I’m speaking Spanish.”
“Ask him if we can get any tea. Hey kid, you got ma-ree-wa-na?”
The kid nodded gravely. “Sho, onnytime, mon. Come with me.”

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More to the point …

what is the point of Janet Daley?

  • Who does she represent?
  • What does she stand for?
  • Who ever elected her to anything?
  • Is she not one of our more unnecessary American imports?


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Nail, meet hammer

Both Tom Watsons — the golfer and the MP — are estimable souls. Both strike firmly down the fair-way. One is a wee bit more rotund. It doesn’t make him less deadly.

Alas. Tom Watson MP seems not to have added to the sum of worldly wisdom, via his blog-site, the last few days. His offerings there regularly skewer the Murdoch satraps. Even so, his tweets can land a deadly punch as well.

Consider the latest:

Tom Watson: ‘It seems unusual that some former staff members receive money [from News International for legal fees] and others don’t’.


Perhaps some clarity might result from Coulson suing on just that basis.

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Duvet time!

Oh, the joy of being sixty-odd pages into the latest Neal Stephenson!

So: it’s early to bed, late to rise. And if wakefulness strikes at 2 a.m., so much the better.

By the way …

Anyone not keeping up with Malcolm’s reading habit, should be looking elsewhere.

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Here’s one we made earlier

You pluck something out of the ether:

Andy Coulson is suing News Corporation, the parent company of News International. According to court filings, the lawsuit was filed yesterday.


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