About “Malcolm Redfellow”

In the mid-1960s, the hard core (hard? Cor!) of the Fabian Society (the only political group allowed on campus) of Trinity College, Dublin evolved the persona of “Malcolm Redfellow”.

He was derived in imitation of and in homage to Michael Frayn’s magnificent concoction of “Christopher Smoothe”, the Minister for Public Concern and (on other occasions) Minister for Chance and Speculation. Frayn would recite a series of horrors, each one punctuated by “Mr Christopher Smooth, the Minister for Public Concern, expressed public concern”.

So “Malcolm Redfellow” had his occasional by-line for various undergraduate publications (and, once in a while, sneaked his way into more reputable prints).

Time passed.

One of the manipulators of “Malcolm”, now a retired teacher, now living in London, needed an occupation. “Malcolm” was resuscitated.

9 responses to “About “Malcolm Redfellow”

  1. thomclarke

    Hi redfellow,

    I just wanted to invite you to participate in a brand new political blogging and social networking tool called http://www.PollBooth.com

    The site is currently closed to the general public, only politicians, journalists and bloggers such as yourself will be invited to join for the time being.

    If you want to join just send an email to request.invite@pollbooth.com including the webaddress of your current blog and if approved I’ll send you an official invitation code allowing you to register on the site.

    I hope to hear from you shortly and if not apologies for contacting you.


    • Hey Malcolm,

      We had contact a couple of years ago, re: Bart Van der Schelling and my ensemble’s recording of “Viva La Quince Brigade” (the Flames of Discontent, ‘Revenge of the Atom Spies’). Hoping all’s been well with you, but obviously the world has been spiraling steadily downward since then (he bitterly laughed). What to do? Well, an intense kind of organizing among we on the Left is an absolute necessity at this time, no more cult of personality or trying to do armchair activism via clicking on an internet link to write to an elected official. We, the People, need to take a stand.
      I continue to work professionally in the labor movement here in NYC and engage in other kinds of activism, but on the cultural work front, I have created a new blog, The Cultural Worker – http://theculturalworker.blogspot.com – which I hope to use as but one means to organize artist-activists toward renewed radicalism. I welcome you to drop by now and often; it includes a wealth of my articles, reviews, essays and fiction but also an extensive Photo Gallery and an ever-growing Radical Arts Links section as well. . I would be happy to list your site on it and if you see so fit, a link exchange would be great. I am especially interested on getting the international perspective on where we go from here.
      Peace and Happy Holidays,
      john pietaro

  2. Keith Botsford

    Enjoyed the Great Macready, my family being close friends of the next generation down, Sir Gordon and Elizabeth (Zab) Macready. This one was another true Macready. As Co-Chairman of the Bipartite Control Office, he was a sane administrator who helped, among other things, to create Die Welt. His wife, if memory serves, was a Princesse de Noailles, and at school with my mother. KB

  3. Dear Mr Redfellow,

    Couldn’t email you via your World Service blog, so: I’m genuinely curious to know how you obtained the photo of Castle Oliver, since I don’t remember publishing it anywhere?


    You can write to me via my site, http://www.castle-oliver.com if you feel so inclined…

    Up the Olivers!

  4. Banquo's Ghost

    It was a pleasure to encounter you on Conservative Home. We are different in politics. I am to the Traditionalist Social Right of the Conservative Party although on Economic and Industrial Relations matters I am slightly “Pink” being both a moderate Keynesian and a believer in responsible Trade Unionsism and Collective Bargaining in the workplace, at least in large companies. That would put me at variance with what I call the “Econcons” the modern type of Tory who whilst they are very “liberal” and “Libertarian” on Social matters , Law and Order, Education etc, etc, etc, is hard and “dry” on Economics and to whom Milton Freidman is almost a God.

    I enjoyed your comments on “The Red Flag” its tunes and history on Conservative Home and hope to see you post again. As you will see from my posts on that Forum, especially those deploring the “Red Ed” tag and the smears against Ed Miliband I am of an independent mind and do not blindly follow the herd. I would NOT have been one of the sheep in “1984”.

    Hope to hear from you again. We may differ in many political matters but I feel you are a man with whom I could “break bread”.

    Best Wishes

    Banquo’s Ghost

  5. Is there a way to contact Mr. Redfellow?

  6. Emmeline Farrell

    I’d like to contact Malcolm – any email address available?

  7. joanna Dewfall

    On Sept 12, 2012 Blog about Naomi Royde-Smith it says that she lived in 34, Colebrook St in Winchester and mentions that the house once belonged to Nell Gwyn. How is this true as the house looks Georgian and surely Nell Gwyn was around before the Georgian period?
    I am particularly interested as the house appears in a mosaic I have been commissioned to make by a housing developer about Winchester houses. I included 34, Colebrook st as a fine example of the Georgian style and the street is named as a possible lodging location for Keats when he wrote ‘Autumn’ – it was the 200th anniversary of the poem in 2019.

    • Malcolm Redfellow

      Gosh! All the way back to 2012. That I should live so long.

      You’ll find my ‘information’ is a direct rip from the Dictionary of National Biography.

      Of itself, a Georgian rebuilding is no great shakes: I now live in York and regularly pass the Guy Fawkes pub. It’s a building dated 1722, so it would need a time-machine to be the birthplace of Guido Fawkes, a century and a half previously.

      Then again, many ‘Georgian’ houses turn out to have a Georgian brick fascia applied to an earlier structure.

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