On the topic of ephemera …

I definitely covet this one:


On sale, 21st September, 2014, at Poster Auctions International.

Description: Artist: WEILUC (Lucien-Henri Weil, 1873-1947) Size: Poster: 44 1/8 x 62 1/8 in./112.2 x 157.8 cm Panel: 44 1/2 x 31 1/8 in./113 x 79.2 cm La Lithographie Nouvelle, Asnières Le Frou-Frou was a satirical publication that ran from 1900 to the outbreak of World War I. It would later have a post-war revival, but was at its best during the time that this poster was created. As the name of the magazine would imply, we see a woman’s uplifted skirt, the many petticoats and underthings rustling against her stockinged legs. In her hand are both a cigarette, the smoke from which spells out the the publication’s name, and a copy of the periodical. It appears that the image we see is also on the copy of her magazine, making the design an endless parade of smaller frou-frous. This is the rare, large format version of the poster with a separate bottom text panel announcing all the major contributors added.

Starting bid $15,000.


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