1974 revisited

In the (it must have been second, October) General Election of 1974, I was a parliamentary candidate. Through the mail came a cascade of material, including Colonel Gaddafi’s Little Green Book. One other item was an A5 pamphlet, printed in and published out of Sweden: Heath cover I would have discarded this as yet more junk mail, had it not been Transport House instantly instructing candidates to destroy the item, and never — on peril of the Smith Square Inquisition — even refer to it. Which, of course, piqued my salacious interest, and is why the thing is still here on my shelf. Suddenly it may have acquired resonance, forty years on.

“Karen Cooper” (born and previously Marie-Luise Kwiatkowski-Brantenberg) was a very strange lady. She had been active in the campaign to prevent Covent Garden being “redeveloped” and had inked Heath at Brussels (that’s the cover image) and been thereafter prevented from re-entering Britain.

And so to the meat. Pages 17 and 18 of the pamphlet: Heath1 and: Heath2 Whoops! Here comes Godwin’s Law.

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